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How to get samples

Samples of drawers an doors are available as follows:

Western Dovetail offers standard sample drawers in 2-1/4" height 11" wide and 13" deep.  If you need a customer size please order using the standard drawer product.

Northern Contours door samples are available in fixed sizes and materials.  See items below.

Cimino's Cabinet Door samples are available by ordering a door of the style and material you are looking for.

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  1. Sample Door 3DL
    Sample Door 3DL
    As low as $5.52
  2. Sample Door Acryic/Wired/High Gloss
    Sample Door Acryic/Wired/High Gloss
    As low as $9.47
  3. Sample Door Fenix
    Sample Door Fenix
    As low as $11.57
  4. Sample Door Impressions/Textured
    Sample Door Impressions/Textured
    As low as $4.89
  5. Sample Drawer
    Sample Drawer
    As low as $15.00
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