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About Us

Western Dovetail Inc. is family owned and operated and offers a heritage of craftsmanship.

Western Dovetail was founded 1993 by Maxfield Hunter, the president and CEO, with support from his father George Hunter, and his brother, Josh Hunter. Max and Josh both learned woodworking at an early age from their father, George, who has contributed a lifetime of woodworking knowledge and experience to the company.

George has an extensive background in architecture, model-making, graphic design, fine art and woodworking. He began his woodworking career in 1975 making custom craftsman style furniture and later continued making high-end custom millwork and cabinetry. George has always insisted on perfection from his two sons and still participates in the company and helps in various ways. Max and Josh spent many years learning everything they could about cabinetry, furniture and millwork before starting the drawer business.

George, Max, and Josh have worked together to create their American Dream. They have stuck together as a family and raised a business from the ground up for over fifteen years.

Max has taken after his father in the graphic arts and advertising to define the image of the company, manage the sales and design new products while also managing the business. Constant innovation keeps this company ahead of the curve.

Josh has taken on the mechanical aspects of the company and is constantly building, purchasing and modifying equipment for each specific operation. Josh contributes to the business aspects as well as production management and keeps the company running efficiently while maintaining high quality standards. At Western Dovetail, every tool in the shop is dedicated to a unique process, which ensures safe, accurate and consistent product day after day.

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Since 1994 Western Dovetail Incorporated has been manufacturing drawers in the U.S.A.
Western Dovetail Made in the USA