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Corner Drawers

Western Dovetail makes custom custom corner drawers in 4 different styles. Corner Drawers give you better access to more usable space than most other solutions. Since the side of the drawer is running at a 45 degree angle, the drawer can be much deeper than a regular drawer. Most 24" base cabinets can accommodate a 27" slide in a corner drawer. In some cases you can fit up to a 30" slide. Longer slides are also heavy duty slides giving you more weight capacity as well. Corner Drawers require special cabinet construction and only work in a corner cabinet with space on both sides. This would be similar to a Lazy Susan cabinet, but instead of just two round shelves, you could have three or four 27" deep drawers. Give us a call if you need help with your corner drawer cabinet design!


Western Dovetail Basic Corner Drawer

The simplest and least expensive corner drawer is what we call the "Basic Corner Drawer" The Basic Corner Drawer is just like a regular drawer except it is designed to go in the corner cabinet at a 45 degree angle. There is no additional triangular piece added to the back. The front of the drawer is notched with a 90 degree inside corner that meets the sides at 45 degrees. This allows the drawer to come out of the corner at a 45 degree angle giving you more access to the space in the corner of the cabinet.

Western Dovetail Standard Corner Drawer

Next is the "Standard Corner Drawer", this is the original Blum specification for the corner drawer. It is the same as the Basic Corner Drawer, except that we added a triangular piece to the back to allow access to some of the space behind the drawer in the corner.

Western Dovetail Chevron Corner Drawer

The "Chevron Corner Drawer" is the same at the front of the drawer as the standard corner drawer, but at the back, instead of adding the triangle onto the drawer, the extra space is incorporated into the drawer. This creates one unified space inside the drawer giving you more access to a greater usable area in the corner of the cabinet. All 6 corners of this drawer are dovetailed.

Western Dovetail Curved Corner Drawer

The "Curved Corner Drawer" offers the same functionality of the Chevron Corner Drawer, but incorporates a concave curve for the corner giving you even more usable space along with a stylish and more ergonomic design. This design requires a custom curved inside corner on the cabinet and counter top as well as curved drawer faces.

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