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Standard Features


The best overall value and quality starts with the following


  • Completely assembled, finished and ready to install
    • Knock-Down also available with limited options
  • Custom made to your specifications within 7 days
    • Rush orders for additional fee, custom details may take longer.
  • 5/8" Hard Maple with 3/8” Maple plywood bottoms
    • 1/2" and 3/4" also available as well as many other species and bottom thicknesses.
  • Half-blind English Dovetails are exposed on the sides only
    • Through dovetails, custom spacing and box joints also available upon request
  • Dovetails are sanded smooth and finished after assembly
    • Pre-finished plywood is also an option at a lower cost
  • Dovetails are cut clean and fit tight with no tear-out
  • Heights are in 1 inch increments plus 1/4", such as: 4 1/4"
    • Any height can be ordered for an additional fee
  • Standard heights are every inch from 2 1/4" to 18 1/4"
  • Drawers sides are made with as few glue ups as possible
    • No glue ups on drawers under 6" in height whenever possible
  • Bottoms are let in on all 4 sides 1/2" up from bottom edge
    • Bottoms can also be rabbeted, stapled, or loose.
  • Bottoms are nailed with 5/8" brads, sealed in with hot melt
    • No hot melt is used on inside of sides with under-mount hardware
  • Dado is precisely concealed within the dovetail joint
  • The top edges of both sides receive a smooth 3/32" radius
  • Only the inside of the front and back gets 3/32" radius
  • Top edge is square at the front and back for a tight connection to the face
  • Sides are 1/8" lower than front and back for a clean joint on the top edge
    • Flush top, 1/32" offset top and bullnose details also available
  • Available in any width up to 42" and any depth up to 32"
    • Larger sizes available upon request, additional charges may apply
  • Finished with 1 coat of sealer and 1 coat of satin topcoat
    • Premium finishes and waterbase also available, dull sheen also available.
  • Tolerances are: +0, -1/32" for width, and +,- 1/16" for height and depth

These standards represent our most popular configuration for custom solid wood drawers. Of course, there are many more options to choose from on the following pages, including low-cost plywood drawers, exotic woods, select and premium grades, and numerous other details.