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Tips and Tricks

A Few Suggestions to Review Before Placing an Order

  • Please use a Western Dovetail Order Form. Check all of the appropriate boxes on the form and fill in the proper mailing and shipping info. If the job is too complicated to fit on the form, include additional pages for drawings and explain the details in writing. Any details discussed on the phone should be verified in writing and should appear on the quote.
  • Let this reference be your guide. Almost any question about Western Dovetail’s products and services has been addressed in these pages. Most details have a code that refers to the specific option. Always verify the suggested sizes or procedures with your actual job conditions.
  • When using a drawer or hardware product for the first time, do a mock up to familiarize yourself with the installation procedures before placing an order.
  • Consider purchasing all of your drawer slides with your drawers to ensure that your drawers and hardware are compatible. Most major brands of drawer slides are in stock and can ship with your drawers without adding costs to pallet freight. Blum® , Grass® , Accuride® , KV® and Hettich® are always in stock.
  • Review your quote carefully when it is faxed back. All requested details should be clearly noted.
  • Any order can be specified as NATURAL, SELECT, or PREMIUM.
    • NATURAL is the standard grade for solid wood drawers and allows for natural color variation, some mineral and small closed knots.
    • SELECT jobs are hand selected to higher standards with no knots or stains and more attention to color and grain matching.
    • PREMIUM drawers are carefully color matched and have no knots or stains, and minimal color variation, only the highest quality materials are used.
  • Standard drawers are made with the assumption that a drawer face will be added to the front and the back will not be seen. When finish is applied, the fronts and backs may have only a sealer coat and will not be sanded unless premium finish is selected.
  • If the drawer is to be used as a “Pull-Out” with an exposed front, it should be noted accordingly and a PREMIUM front will be used.
  • Always specify when a drawer will be used for a unique application even if it seems like a regular drawer.
  • Inspect your drawers carefully when they arrive. Any damage from shipping must be reported immediately. Product may shift during travel and must be removed from its packaging and stacked on a flat surface to avoid warping. Drawers that are not unpacked and inspected within 1 (one) week may be VOID of Guarantee. Careful handling of your product will always give the best results.

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