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Tale of the Dove

In Business since 1993
FSC® Certified since 1998
4 Years in the Inc 5000
2 Years in the Wood 100

Western Dovetail, Inc. has served America's top woodworkers with high quality custom dovetail drawers since 1993. With generations of woodworking experience to back up 18 years in the drawer business, Western Dovetail, Inc. has led the way with complete drawer solutions for cabinetmakers across the US with quality, reliability and innovation.

Drawers Made of Wood

From Responsible Sources

FSC Certified Upon Request

FSC Green Logo

Western Dovetail joined the early pioneers in the GREEN movement to become America’s first FSC certified dovetail drawer company in 1998. Since the company began, a constant effort has been made to be responsible about the materials used and the waste that is generated. Many materials are available to make drawers that are certified meet FSC chain of custody requirements.

Western Dovetail moved into the old “Jointer’s Shop” at Mare Island in August of 2003. The 100 year old building on the former Navy base has a long history of woodworking.  Some of the original equipment is still in use, including the central dust collection. This historic facility allows the company to stock more materials, reduce lead-time and offer more options while maintaining all operations in-house.

In August of 2014 the south Napa earthquake caused the "Jointer's Shop" to be deemed unsafe and Western Dovetail was on the move again.  Now located in the New "Pipe and Boiler" shop building built in the early 80s.

Another noteworthy accomplishment is that Western Dovetail has been recognized by the INC. Magazine for being one of the 5000 fastest growing companies in the US for four years in a row from 2007-2010. In addition to the INC 5000, Western Dovetail also made the WOOD 100 list in 2009 and 2010 which represents the nation's fastest growing woodworking companies.  Although the company has grown over the years, it has always been at a steady pace allowing for continued quality control and constant improvement.

Outsourcing dovetail drawers offers many advantages for the high-end cabinet shop.

For nearly two decades, Western Dovetail has consistently delivered completely assembled and finished dovetail drawers to the finest cabinet shops in America while offering:

  • Expert Advice
  • More Options
  • Free Engineering Service
  • More Species
  • Constant Improvement

This gives your business:

  • Reduced Labor Costs
  • Reduced Down Time
  • More Space
  • Less Maintenance
  • Fixed Drawer Costs
  • Guaranteed Accuracy
  • Reduced Inventory
  • Increased Capacity
  • Less Special Equipment
  • Consistent Product
  • Fixed Completion Dates
  • Increased Profit
  • More Design Freedom


Western Dovetail is committed to providing high-quality dovetail drawers to the nation’s woodworkers, efficiently and accurately, with exceptional service at a reasonable price.

Western Dovetail Inc. is family owned and operated and offers heritage of craftsmanship

Western Dovetail was founded 1993 by Maxfield Hunter, the president and CEO, with support from his father George Hunter, and his brother, Josh Hunter. Max and Josh both learned woodworking at an early age from their father, George, who has contributed a lifetime of woodworking knowledge and experience to the company.

George has an extensive background in architecture, model-making, graphic design, fine art and woodworking. He began his woodworking career in 1975 making custom craftsman style furniture and later continued making high-end custom millwork and cabinetry. George has always insisted on perfection from his two sons and still participates in the company and helps in various ways. Max and Josh spent many years learning everything they could about cabinetry, furniture and millwork before starting the drawer business.

George, Max, and Josh have worked together to create their American Dream. They have stuck together as a family and raised a business from the ground up for over 22 years.

Max has taken after his father in the graphic arts and advertising to define the image of the company, manage the sales and design new products while also managing the business. Constant innovation is what keeps this company ahead of the curve.

Josh has taken on the mechanical aspects of the company and is constantly building, purchasing and modifying equipment for each specific operation. Josh contributes to the business aspects as well as production management and keeps the company running efficiently while maintaining high quality standards. At Western Dovetail, every tool in the shop is dedicated to a unique process, which ensures safe, accurate and consistent product day after day.

The Staff at Western Dovetail are Dovetail Drawer Experts.

Each employee is carefully trained, with an emphasis on quality, safety and efficiency. The company provides an opportunity for people interested in woodworking to learn valuable skills in a safe working environment. Many of the employees have been with the company for over 15 years. The sales and customer service staff are trained to handle even some of the most difficult questions. Michelle Sapida works at the front desk and handles customer service and inside sales. Kevin Bodwell handles the technology side of the company.

Attention to Detail is Critical when Making Drawers.

Western Dovetail drawers are constructed using classic English half-blind dovetail joinery made on a multi-spindle, dovetail machine. The drawers are precisely dimensioned according to the requirements of the cabinets and hardware for each job. Each drawer is then hand crafted with the utmost care and checked for quality at each stage of production. Close attention is given to grain selection and color matching when panels are edge glued and boxes are assembled.

Custom Options are a Western Dovetail Specialty

This company offers many variations on the standard drawer box. It has always been the goal to provide customers with exactly what they want. File drawers can be made in any configuration and the rails can be cut in and provided with the order. Custom pullouts can be ordered in a variety of designs with scoops, lips and tapered side profiles. Drawers can even be made with curved fronts dovetailed at any angle. Recycle pull-outs can be made to almost any configuration to fit around plumbing or in odd shaped spaces.

Western Dovetail Ships Directly to the Customer

Completely assembled and finished drawers are shipped from Western Dovetail to any destination in the USA. Standard drawers can ship in as few as 5 days, and orders with custom options usually ship in 7-10 days. More complex jobs involving curves and angles can take up to 3-4 weeks. Lead times may vary depending on the complexity of your job and our current work load so be sure to check with our sales department for an accurate lead time on your next order. Delivery is available for most shops in the Bay Area. Most other California destinations are shipped overnight and arrive the next day. Shipments outside of California are sent via common carrier or UPS at the best possible rate.

Western Dovetail Exhibits First-Class Goods at the World's Greatest Trade Shows!

Since 1993, Western Dovetail has exhibited at the AWFS Woodworking Show. 2005 was the first time the show was held in Las Vegas, where they won the Showstopper award for exhibiting excellence for the second time. In 2011, at AWFS in Las Vegas won first place in the Belt Sander Races! Call 800-800-3683 for more information about future shows.

Custom Machining for Undermount Hardware

Western Dovetail was the first to offer custom machining for concealed drawer runners. Under-mount hardware requires precision machining such as notching and drilling and specific bottom placement. This company can notch, drill, and install locking devices for any major brand of under-mount hardware. The staff at Western Dovetail can help calculate the drawer sizes using the customer’s cabinet openings, combined with the hardware specifications to determine the required dimensions. Major brands of drawer slides are stocked in-house and can be shipped with the drawers including conventional side mount slides.

Drawers made from Laminated Bamboo Lumber now available

Western Dovetail offers dovetailed drawers made entirely of Bamboo Lumber, which is harvested from well managed bamboo plantations in Asia. Laminated Bamboo comes in light and dark colors and in flat grain and vertical grain.

Corner Drawers, Curved Drawers and more...

Western Dovetail has unveiled a whole new line of space saving drawer solutions. Three different corner drawers to choose from. The Chevron Corner Drawer is a design for the optimal use of the hard to reach corner. The new   divider design optimizes the space for utensils. Curved front drawers can be made at any angle with fronts or backs made to the curved profile of the customer’s choice.  Drawers can also be made at any angle with true dovetails made to fit perfectly. Curved front drawers can also be used in corners with a concave curved front.  The latest development from Western Dovetail is the full line of recycle pull-outs that are custom configurable to any size opening.