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Dividers & Grooves

Divider Drawers Title Image

Machining custom dividers, grooves and predrilled holes is always easier to do before assembly. Plan out your interiors and simply provide a drawing that shows the location and spacing of your dividers grooves or holes. Avoid last minute reworks, have Western Dovetail do the work. Holes can be drilled in the fronts for drawer face attachment.

Please provide a sketch for your configuration
Here are some guidelines for specifying dividers and grooves:


Dividers can be made of 1/4" 3/8" 1/2" or 5/8" thick stock, let in to a 1/4" deep groove, set at 1/8" down from top edge of drawer, Removable. (Lateral=side to side, Axial=front to back)

L # ) Number of lateral dividers (not spaces)

A # ) Number of axial dividers

L # A # )Number of lateral and axial dividers

Example: using the code L#2/A#4 would define a drawer with 2 lateral dividers and 4 axial Dividers, creating 15 spaces.

Drawer with equally spaced dividers

Equally Spaced Dividers


For movable 1/4" dividers on 1", 2" or 3" centers (please specify)

MG1S ) Multiple grooves 1" on center, both sides

MG2F ) Multiple grooves 2" on center, fronts and backs

Drawer with multiple vertical grooves

Multiple vertical grooves


For fixed dividers that drop in without grooves in the sides.

drawer with half lap dividers

Half-Lap Dividers


Standard grooves are 1/8" wide by 3/16" deep located 1 3/4" up from inside of bottom. We stock and supply the Mold-Rite plastic divider clips upon request.

HG2S) Grooves for clips on 2 sides

HG2F) Grooves for clips on fronts and backs

HG4S) Grooves for clips on all four sides

Cutlery Tray Divider Layout 1

Horizontal divider grooves


Inside of drawers can be line bored for dividers that slide over small shelf pins. Dividers can run front to back or side to side. Custom designed by layouts can be achieved with some planning.

Drawer with line boring

Line bored dividers

Drawer inserts are available in wood, acrylic and stainless steel!Custom wood trays can be made to your specificationsOr choose from a variety of pre-manufactured items Drawerganizer®, CD Stakka®, Flip Strip® and more

Blum Orga-Line ®

The Blum® ORGA-LINE® system is in stock now. This new versatile stainless steel insert system for Blum® Tandem drawers provides a flexible, movable, yet built in look for custom drawers. These inserts can be removed and placed in the dishwasher.

Wooden Cutlery Trays

Wooden cutlery trays can be made to any custom configurations. The examples shown below are standard layouts for silverware dividers. Double deck drawers can be made with cutlery trays that slide out the back of the drawer. Call today to discuss your divided drawer needs. 1-800-800-3683

Cutlery Tray Divider Layout 1

10 1/2"W X 2"H X 10 1/2"L

Cutlery Tray 1: #CT1

Cutlery Tray Divider Layout 2

10 1/2"W X 2"H X 13 1/4"L

Cutlery Tray 2: #CT2

Cutlery Tray Divider Layout 3

10 1/2"W X 2"H X 13 1/4"L

Cutlery Tray 3: #CT3