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Scoops & Tapers

Scooped Fronts:

You can specify the width depth, diameter, and center point of the radius on any scoop detail. Be sure to include a drawing with your order. Ask about our extended scoop galery of over 50 different designs based on the 4 standards below.

These are just and few of our common scoop designs. Stand scoops measure approximately 5 1/2" wide and 1 1/2" deep. The shallow "U" scoop is 1" deep.

Ogee Scoop Drawing
A) Ogee Scoop

has rounded top corners and rounded bottom corners with a flat bottom. (Approx. 1 1/4" deep X 5" wide)

Crescent Scoop Drawing
B) Crescent Scoop

is a simple arc that cuts through the top edge. (Approx. 1 1/4" deep X 4 1/2" wide)

Shallow U Scoop Drawing
C) Shallow U Scoop

is a flat bottom scoop with a square top corners and a 1/2" radius at the bottom. (Approx. 1" deep X 5" wide)

Deep U Scoop Drawing
D) Deep U Scoop

is a flat bottom scoop with a 1" radius in the corners. (Approx. 1 1/2" deep X 5" wide)

Tapered Sides:

Tapered side pull-outs can have any height front and back up to 20”. The back height is the height of the drawer listed on the order form in the Height column. A lower front gives easier access while the back securely holds the contents. Tapered drawer sides can also be used with taller fronts and lower backs to make tilt-out drawers and hampers. Tapers should always be called out such that the top of the front is a number of whole inches different than the top of the back.

Call to discuss hardware needs and other custom details for pull-outs and tilt-outs.

Pull-out Diagonal Taper Side
T ) Diagonal Taper- (Specify front height) Example: T4 would have tapered sides with a 4 1/4” high front and the back height as listed.
Pull-Out Half Diagonal Taper Side
HT ) Diag. Half Taper- (Specify front height) Typically the half taper starts half way between the front and the back. You can also specify how far back from the face the taper starts
Pull-out Scalloped Taper Side
S ) Scalloped taper- (Specify front height) Example: S2 would have scalloped sides with a 2 1/4” high front. Scallops are available from 1” drop to 14” drop. Also, you may wish to specify how far back the scallop begins to rise.