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    • Assembly:
      Pertaining to a drawer: The drawer is pressed together into it's final form.
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    • Natural Grade:
      This Is the standard grade for all solid wood drawers and allows for natural color color variation, some mineral and small closed knots
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    • Premium Grade:
      Drawers are carefully color matched and have no knots or stains, and minimal color variation, only the highest quality materials are used.
    • Premium Finish
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    • Select Grade:
      Materials are selected to higher standards with no knots or stains.  Some color variation is still allowed.
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    • Types of Finish
      Finsihed: 1 coat sealer, 2 coats catalyzed lacquer
      Prefinished: Material has finished applied before assembly and dovetails will not be sanded after assembly.
      Premium Finish:
      15% Sheen Finish: Same as premium finish except 15% sheen lacquer is used.
      Not Finished: No Sealer or lacquer is applied.
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    • Verified Professional Woodworker:
      A woodworker who purchases products from Western Dovetail, Inc for resale to the end customer. If you are requesting verification be prepared to fax or email a business license, resale certificate, or other form of business identification.
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