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Undermount hardware

Guidelines for Under-Mount Hardware
  • Western Dovetail can supply all major brands of drawer slides

with the drawers and ship with the order, usually without adding to the freight costs when shipping common carrier. Locking clips for Under-Mount hardware can be pre-installed on your drawers. Western Dovetail can match your drawers and drawer slides and ensure that they will all work together flawlessly.


  • Each manufacturer has different specifications and results can vary from one model to the next.
  • Any time a new model or application of drawer slide is used, a trial installation is recommended to check the tolerances and determine the setback from the front of the cabinet.
  • Different drawer thicknesses require different drawer widths and lengths and can affect the mounting locations of the hardware in the cabinet.
  • When using pull-outs with a thicker front , the length of the drawer is also different and the slide must be mounted further into the cabinet.
  • Some models are better suited for face frame installation than others because some have available rear mounting brackets and some can attach to the face frame, others do not.
  • Under-mount hardware uses up at least 1/2” of space below the drawer itself.
  • Drawer bottom placement is always critical when using under-mount hardware.
  • Special screws are often required for mounting the slides to the cabinet.
  • Some models have more adjustability than others, up, down, side, in, or out.
  • Under-mount hardware extends past the back of the drawer by at least 1/2”, So be sure to allow enough clearance in the cabinet behind the drawer for the hardware.
  • Locking mechanisms can usually be purchased separately from the slides and can be installed by Western Dovetail.

Please Denote Notching, Drilling and Installation of Locking Clips as Shown Below: (to specify what type of notch, add the letters shown on the right to the end of the code)

Default notching is for Blum Tandem

N )                Notching in the back of drawer

ND )             Notching the back of the drawer and drilling for the rear hook

NDC )          Notching and drilling with OLD 562/568 locking devices installed

NDC3 )        Notching and drilling with NEW 563/569 locking devices installed

NDC33 )      Notching and drilling with T51.1901 locking devices installed. This locking device can only be used with the NEW 563/569 series Blum Tandem slides.

NDC34 )      Notching and drilling with T51.1901 PS locking devices installed. This locking device can only be used with the NEW 563 and 569 series Blum Tandem slides.

NDCPV )      Notching and drilling with OLD adjustable depth locking devices installed.
Note: PV clips require more precise dado placement than other clips.  PV clips protrude below the bottom of the drawer and may not be possible to pre-install on pallet shipments due to likely damage to the drawers and locking devices in shipping.

Blum side adjustable locking device
Blum side and depth adjustable locking device

For Tip-On (wide notch)

N, ND, or NDC TO

For Hettich Quadro thin clips

N, ND, or NDC HQ

For HQ w/Thick Clips

N, ND, or NDC HT

For HQ Thick w/spacer

N, ND, or NDC HS


N, ND, or NDC KV

For Grass Dynapro 2D

N, ND, or NDC GD

For Grass Dynapro 3D

N, ND, or NDC G3

For Accuride Eclipse

N, ND, or NDC AC