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Top Edge Detail

Western Dovetail Drawer Box Standard Radius Top Edge Detail

SRT ) Standard Radius Top

Standard top edge detail; recommended for all types of drawers. The fronts and backs are set at the full height of the drawer while the sides are 1/8” lower than the fronts and backs.  The inside of the fronts and backs have a 3/32” radius, the outside face of the fronts and backs are square.  The sides are profiled with a 3/32” radius inside and out with a smooth flat surface in the middle.

Drawer Box 1/32 Offset Top Edge Detail

OFF ) 1/32" Offset: +$

Top edge gets 1/32” offset which appears to be flush. All top edges are slightly eased and finished. The sides are set just 1/32” lower than the fronts and backs to die in just below the eased portion of the fronts and backs to give the drawer a clean square edged look without the extra expense of sanding and finishing the assembled top edge joint.

Drawer Box Flush Top Edge Detail

FLU ) Flush Unfinished: +$$

Top edge is sanded smooth and eased by hand after assembly and prepared for finish. This is a good option for drawers that receive a custom finish after they are completed by Western Dovetail.

FLF ) FLush Finished: +$$$

Top edge is sanded smooth, eased by hand after assembly and the top edge is finished flush. This is the ultimate custom finished drawer, however due to increased labor, the cost is higher.

Drawer Box Microbevel Top Edge Detail
Micro-Bevel Off-set
Drawer Box Bullnose Top Edge Detail
Bull Nose Off-set
Edgeband Top Edge Detail
Edge Banded

Pre-Finished Plywood and Melamine

Foil edge Micro-Bevel: Top edge is shaped, sanded and finished with an edge foil system prior to assembly. All sides, fronts and backs have the same profile and are available with a slight offset top edge. Micro bevel is a flat top profile with a 1/16” bevel on the edges to give a clean look with no splinters.
Bullnose: Available with a slight offset to give a clean rounded look on the top edge.
Edgebanded plywood and melamine is also available in matching woodgrain or melamine colors. Melamine is available in white, black or almond and antique white.

Pre-finished drawer sides called DrawerBlanx are available in 4’, 5’, and 8’ lengths depending on the material with your choice of edge detail.