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Northern Contours Service Policy

This page pertains to products manufactured by Northern Contours ONLY.

For Warranty information, please see downloads section on individual product pages.


Lead times vary per product; typically orders ship within six to fifteen business days.

Acceptance and receipt of goods

When you sign the delivery receipt, you are signing for the goods as being good condition except any specific notations you have noted on the delivery receipt. Failure to note damage or shortage greatly reduces the chances of claim recovery.
  • The use of rubber stamps using phrases such as “received, subject to inspection” have no legal bearing and may actually discourage the receiver from making the proper notations and counts.
  • The law requires the consignee to accept the shipment in its entirety, regardless of the extent of damage. Partial refusal of damaged freight is not legal .


DO check the delivery receipt while the driver is still present
  • Is the shipment yours?
  • Is all the required information or documentation present? Purchase order number(s), receiving authorization, freight terms, number of pieces, boxes, tubes, pallets, etc...
DO perform a joint count or inspection with driver. Disputed counts and visible damage must be notated.
    Visually inspect goods. Check for damage and package integrity, e.g. crushing, tears, punctures, re-wrapped pallets, opened or loose item, wetness, stains, etc...
  • Check for evidence of pallets having been stacked. If possible, take detailed pictures of both the packaging and product if damage has occurred.
  • Damaged pallets/pieces should be inspected closer at this time and specific notations of damage or shortage should be written on all copies of the delivery receipt.
  • DO sign the delivery receipt while the driver is still present.
    • If there are notations of damages or shortages, request the driver to sign or initial all copies of the delivery receipt.
    • Be aware of driver suggested notations regarding the cause of damage (the driver may be attempting to minimize the carrier’s liability).


    DON'T allow the driver to hurry or pressure you to sign the delivery without reading what you are signing. You may be signing for add on charges for that delivery.

    DON'T sign for palletized freight if you cannot count or determine the number of pieces listed on the delivery receipt.

    DON'T allow drivers to put away stock for you prior to a thorough inspection of the goods.

    DON'T make notations on the delivery receipt based on opinions on the cause of damage.


    If you’ve signed a clear delivery receipt and discover concealed shipping damage later, it is your responsibility to prove that the shipment was damaged at the time of delivery. Notify Western Dovetail Customer Service and carrier as soon as possible. Providing pictures will greatly increase your carrier recourse options.


    When damages, defects or errors are found with your order, contact Western Dovetail Customer Service within 48 hours of delivery.

    If the remake is due to customer error, then product, packaging and all shipping charges will be billed. Standard lead time and freight charges apply unless otherwise specified. If the remake is caused by our error, then no charges will apply.

    Customer will inform Western Dovetail at the time of the remake request what class of service will be required to deliver the remakes on a timely basis. Expedited shipping requested by customer will be billed.

    We may request the return of defective or damaged product for inspection and will issue a pre-paid call tag. In most occurrences, digital photos will suffice.