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Cimino's Cabinet Doors Service Policy

This page pertains to products manufactured by Cimino's Cabinet Doors ONLY.

Limited Warranty

Cimino's Cabinet Doors warrants that each cabinet door will be free from warpage, delamination, swelling or twisting for a period of three (3) months from the data of delivery, when handled in a reasonable, professional and workmanlike manner from the purchaser

Defective doors will either be repaired or replaced F.O.B. Hollister, California and Cimino's Cabinet Doors reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to either repair or replace any defective door as defined under this limited warranty. Liability under this warranty is limited to the net invoice of each door as established by Cimino's Cabinet Door's own manufacturing costs. IT IS EXPRESSLY AGREED THAT THIS LIMITED WARRANTY SHALL BE IN LIEU OF ALL WARRANTIES OF FITNESS AND IN LIEU OF ANY WARRANTY OF MERCHANTABILITY.


Conditions of Limited Warranty

For the purpose of this limited warranty a defective cabinet door is defined as any cabinet door manufactured by Cimino's Cabinet Doors which displays warpage, delamination, swelling or twisting within a period of three months from the date of delivery, when purchaser complies with each of the following mandatory conditions:
  • At all times herein, purchaser must handle each door in a professional and workmanlike manner.
  • Reasonable care must be used in the selection, fitting, and applying of appropriate hardware to each cabinet door.
  • Doors shall not be stored or install in a damp area such as a freshly plastered building or subjects to abnormal heat, dryness or humidity.
  • All surfaces of each door must receive a uniform application of finish to prevent warpage caused by unequal absorption or release of moisture
  • Each door must be painted, sealed or varnished within two (2) weeks of delivery during summer months, within one (1) week of delivery in winter months (October through April), and immediately after delivery in coastal areas regardless of season
  • Any door claimed to be defective must be returned to Cimino's Cabinet Doors for inspection before credit is applied

Specific Limitations or Guarantee

Cimino's Cabinet doors limited warranty does not extend to the following situations:
  • Warpage or twisting 3/16 of an inch or less shall be considered as acceptable and not a defect under the terms of the limited warranty.
  • Any door having a width of 24 inches or height dimension 60 inches or more is expressly excluded from this limited warranty. Doors between 50-60 without a center-rail are not guaranteed.
  • This limited warranty expressly excludes reimbursement to the purchaser for repair or replacement of defective doors by any agents or workman or other cabinet door companies hired by the purchase, other than Cimino's Cabinet Doors, without prior written consent of Cimino's Cabinet Doors.


Cimino's Cabinet Doors, Inc. accepts no responsibility for any of our products improperly installed