February 22, 2017


Pull-Outs title image

Hand drawn pull-out drawerAvailable with the following options:

  • Choice of front species and thickness
  • Any size lip on top, bottom or sides of front
  • Any standard or custom scoop hand pull design
  • Any standard or custom tapered side profile

Basic Pull-Out

Top view

P1) Basic Pull-out

Standard drawer box using a premium front with an 1/8" radius of the face (no lip.)

Premium Pull-out

Top view

P2) Premium pull-out

Same as P1 with 3/4" front

Lip Front Pull-Out

Top view

P3) Lip Front pull-out

Same as P2 with 3/4" front and 3/8" thick lip that extends 3/8" on either side of the face to conceal the slides.

Note: Drawer width does not include the lip.  Drawer length is measured from the face to the back.

The lip should be added to the length of the slide to determine the length of the drawer, (i.e. 22 3/8" for a 22" slide.)

Undermount Pull-Out

Top view

P4) Under-Mount pull-out with lip front

For 1/2" this side only, same as P2 but with 1/8" lip on either side.

Deluxe Undermount Pull-Out

Side view

P5) Deluxe Under-Mount pull-out

Same as P2 but with 3/8" lip at the bottom of the face to conceal the slides from the front

P6) Deluxe Under-Mount pull-out with lip

Combination of the P4 (1/2" thick) and P5 with 1/8" lip at each side and 3/8" lip at the bottom of the face to conceal the slides from the front.

Note 1: When using Under-Mount hardware on pull-outs, the difference in the thickness of the front and the side should be added to the length (depth).

Note 2: Specifc 3/32" radius edge, sharp edges, or square eased edges of the face of the pull-out.  You can also request the outside face to be unfinished so you can finish the fronts to match the rest of your job.

Scooped Fronts:

You can specify the width depth, diameter, and center point of the radius on any scoop detail.  Be sure to include a drawing with your order.  Ask about our extended scoop galery of over 50 different designs based on the 4 standards below.

These are just and few of our common scoop designs.  Stand scoops measure approximately 5 1/2" wide and 1 1/2" deep.  The shallow "U" scoop is 1" deep.

Drawer Box Scoops

Tapered Sides:

Tapered side pull-outs can have any height front and back up to 20”.  The back height is the height of the drawer listed on the order form in the Height column.  A lower front  gives easier access while the back securely holds the contents.   Tapered drawer sides can also be used with taller fronts and lower backs to make tilt-out drawers and hampers.  Tapers should always be called out such that the top of the front is a number of whole inches different than the top of the back.

Call to discuss hardware needs and other custom details for pull-outs and tilt-outs.

Pull-out Diagonal Taper Side
T ) Diagonal Taper -  (Specify front height)Example: T4 would have tapered sides with a 4 1/4” high front and the back height as listed.
Pull-Out Half Diagonal Taper Side HT ) Diag. Half Taper - (Specify front height) Typically the half taper starts half way between the front and the back.  You can also specify how far back from the face  the taper starts
Pull-out Scalloped Taper Side S ) Scalloped taper -  (Specify front height)  Example: S2 would have scalloped sides with a 2 1/4”  high front. Scallops are available from 1” drop to 14” drop. Also, you may wish to specify how far back the scallop begins to rise.

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