February 23, 2017

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Natural Color Vertical Grain Bamboo Color Sample

Vertical Natural



Order bamboo for your next project directly from

Western Dovetail.

Western Dovetail now offers complete dovetailed drawers made entirely of Bamboo. Bamboo is stable and very hard and is a suitable alternative for many applications where solid hardwoods are used. It sands easily and finishes beautifully.

Bamboo is available in “Natural” (light) color and “Amber” (dark) color and is available in “Flat Grain” or “Vertical Grain” and in thicknesses from 1/4” thick to 1” thick in sheets up to 4’ X 8’.

Several new options are available in Bamboo materials. Strand Bamboo, and Neapolitan Strand are now available Bamboo Veneer on MDF or Ply-core is also available

We recommend the Solid Vertical type for drawer sides and the Flat 3-ply for drawer bottoms


Bamboo Drawer Box Corner Detail
Natural Color Horizontal Grain Bamboo Color Sample

Flat Natural

Amber Color/Carbonized Vertical Grain Bamboo Color Sample

Vertical Amber

Amber Color/Carbonized Horizontal Grain Bamboo Color Sample

Flat Amber

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