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Western Dovetail

  1. Endorsement from Preston "The production process for the inserts and the quality were excellent"

    I have been hoping to order drawer boxes from you for years and final had a job and client that merited your quality. The production process for the inserts and the quality were excellent. Thank you. -Preston
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  2. A Customer Laments about Ordering from Elsewhere

    Hey all, The reason I didn't go with you last time around was that someone else underbid you, but as is often the case, you get what you pay for... and I did.  Poor quality boxes:  lots of tear-out.  I don't order boxes very often, but will be sure to get another quote from you when I do. Cheers,-Matt
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  3. Quick timelapse of the SS Presidents arrival day.

    I have finally thrown together the quick timelapse taken from the low quality webcam pictures. Click here to open a new window and view it.
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  4. Full Panorama View of Dry Docks 2 & 3

    The view this morning, the SS President (left) is not yet at rest.  They still must pump the water out of the dry dock. Click on the image for a larger view.
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  5. The SS President is Coming

    Our sources tell us that the S.S. President is arriving in just a fews hours.  Preparations have moved along quickly this time.  The caisson was floated out of the way yesterday afternoon and people have been getting out the ropes and other items they need when the ship arrives.  Stay tuned for more pictures and videos of the second ships...
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  6. Real Work Begins at the Drydock

    Up until now, we have seen people on and off the ship, a few things here and there being off loaded.  Today however is a different story.  A large dumpster was hoisted on to the deck of the ship and it has been filling up during this afternoon.  The guys with cutting torches are wearing green jumpsuits and I've seen two of...
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  7. Images of the SS Solon Turman

    These images were taken from the day before the ship arrived through February 14th when we took a tour of the ship and dry docks.  There are more images of preparation, dredging and cranes driving around in the Mare Island category. The first few pictures were taken the day before the ship arrived. Originally it was scheduled to arrive on Feb 2nd, so...
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  8. Ribbon Cutting Time of Allied Defense Recycling

    According the the Vallejo Times-Herald, Allied Defense Recycling will open it's gates at 9am to the public and follow with a ribbon cutting ceremony at 10am.
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  9. Mare Island Scenery

    Thes images are from Mare Island before the arrival of the Solon Turman.  Some images are of the dredging of the straight in front of the dry docks, some are of the moving of the building and some are just pictures of huge cranes on Mare Island. Enjoy!
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  10. Max Hunter's Presentation of the Arrival of the SS Solon Turman

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