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Est. 1993

Western Dovetail

  1. Western Dovetail Displays at AWFS 2011

    The first of us are in Las Vegas getting ready for the AWFS Fair (Association of Woodworking & Furnishings Suppliers.) It's going to be a fun week! We have brought many new products to show, stop on by and check us out in booth #1439. Not coming to Las Vegas? Stay tuned for photos and descriptions of the new products...
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  2. Blum Servo-Drive Recycle Pull-Outs Now Available from Western Dovetail With 568R Series Slides

    New floor-mount Blum Tandem slide available now! Call today for more information! 1-800-800-3683.  Heavy Duty 568R Series 110#lbs rating.  Mounts to bottom of cabinet or shelf. Entire slide sits below drawer box and can be mounted with pre-drilled holes. no need to add blocking to the sides or try to hide the cabinet portion of the slide. Works with Western...
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  3. Here's what a customer said today! "Your products are always spot on"

    Thanks for the email Max. We are some of your biggest fans. Your products are always spot on and I like the fact that you always entertain a challenge. We are staying busy and hope to remain so. Love the cabinet boxes, great idea!!!! Keep in touch. -Seth
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  4. Dovetail Wall Boxes Now Available

    The dovetailed boxes are designed to hang on the wall with sliding glass doors.
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  5. Order today - Pots And Pans Drawers With Lid Storage

    We recently made this handy pull-out for pots and pans with lid storage.  This was designed to run on Blum Tandems with soft close for smooth operation.
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  6. SS Lincoln Arrives in Drydock

    The SS Lincoln has arrived. It was also interesting to see the train crew down at the drydock with a locomotive, first time I've seen them come this far.
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  7. The SS President is Leaving Mare Island

    The SS President is leaving the Mare Island dry docks to be replaced by another ship from the mothball fleet. See the Times Herald story for more information. As usual see the current action here on our blog. Stay tuned for more information and time lapse videos!!!
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  8. S.S. Jermiah O'Brien Arrives at Mare Island

    We were all so hard at work today, we hardly noticed the arrival of the S.S. Jermiah O'Brien at Mare Island. Shown above, the O'Brien is the grey ship hidden behind the crane on the other side of the S.S. Solon Turman. Not sure why the ship has come, but a quick glance on their website says **The...
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  9. Check out the Gorgeous Custom Sink for Signature Woodworks

    [caption id="attachment_196" align="alignnone" width="538" caption="Customer Makes Sink From Western Dovetail Box"][/caption] This is a sink that Signature Woodworks made from a Western Dovetail box jointed box.  The bottom is sloped to drain the water towards the back. The material is 1" thick laminated bamboo.
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  10. Time Lapse of the Solon Turman

    This video was taken over the course of a month starting the second week in February to the second week in March, from the day after the arrival of the Solon Turman through the arrival of the SS President. There was not a lot of activity as far as obvious dismantling of the ship, but there was a lot of...
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