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Est. 1993

Western Dovetail

  1. Western Dovetail Drawers Featured on DIY Network's House Crashers!

    A couple months ago we got a call from a local cabinetmaker who was part of a reality TV show called House Crashers. Its one of those shows where a crew comes in and remodels your home in a few days. The cabinetmaker gets to do the job for little or no money, so he asks all of his suppliers...
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  2. The Woodwork Institute Holds Regional Meeting at American Laminates

    Last week on Friday May 18th I A regional Woodwork Institute meeting was held at American Laminates near Modesto, California. They had a very good turnout. A nice mix of architects, cabinet shop members, associate members, and a some local venders. Lyndall from American Laminates presented their products and gave a great tour of the melamine press in action. Each...
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  3. Max Visits the KBis show in Chicago

    The Kbis show was not as busy as some of the previous shows I have attended, but at $250 entrance fee for attendees, I would expect a smaller turnout. The attendees, however seemed to be well qualified and serious buyers. I think vendors would agree that this show was about quality not quantity. My first stop at the show...
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  4. Former Coast Guard ship leaves Mare Island

    The USS Glacier leaves Mare Island this morning.
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  5. Western Dovetail in PROfiles Magazine

    Western Dovetail Hosts CMA Professional Certification Program Rollout Event by Dana Nunes, customer service and inside sales representative, Western Dovetail (Oct 2011) What do CMA CEU Credits, Belt Sander Races and a gourmet Mexican Food lunch from an Italian Restaurant have in common? If you were at the CMA Certification Roll-Out event at the Western Dovetail facility...
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  6. Western Dovetail is Back in GROWTH Mode again... Finally!

    Western Dovetail, Inc. is almost fully recovered from the economic collapse of 2008.  Since 1993, the company had experienced a solid 15-20% annual growth up until the fourth quarter of 2008.  Sales dropped about 16% in 2009 and another 7.3% in 2010 leaving the company struggling to make ends meet while operating at about half their capacity.  The company cut...
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  7. USS Mispillion Departs Mare Island for it's last voyage.

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  8. USS Mispillion departure from Mare Island

    10:50am USS Mispillion departure from Mare Island, CA For more information on the last voyage of the USS Mispillion Click Here
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  9. USS Mispillion Pulled out of the Drydock on Mare Island

    The SS Mispillion sits in the drydock as the water rushes in and it is prepared to disembark on it's last journey to Texas for recycling. The SS Mispillion is tugged out to the the Mare Island Straight, the waterway that connects the Napa River to the San Pablo Bay. The SS Mispillion.
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  10. For the crew of the USS Mispillion

    We recently got an email from a representative of veteran crew of the USS Mispillion, a Navy oiler that was in drydock in front of our building. This morning she was floated out into the Mare Island Straight and tied up waiting for her long journey to Brownsville, TX where she will be dismantled.
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