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Est. 1993

Western Dovetail

  1. Ribbon Cutting Rumored

    There is rumor of a "Ribbon Cutting" on the 18th. No other details. We will try to get more information and post here
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  2. Quicktime Time Lapse of the SS Solon Turman

    Time lapse of the SS Solon Turman arrival created from low resolution panorama images.
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  3. Current Panorama at the Waterfont and Drydock

    This post will always show the most current image of the waterfront from our building.
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  4. First Ship in a Decade to Arrive at Mare Island

    According to our sources, the freighter SS Solon Turman should be arriving February 2nd 2011 to be dismantled in the dry dock outside the front of our building. This camera will catch the events and post them here for all to see. Tell your friends!!! From our research on the web, the SS Solon Turman was built in 1961...
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