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  1. Mare Island Dry Dock Camera No Longer Available

    Mare Island Dry Dock Camera No Longer Available
    Due to privacy and security concerns Western Dovetail will no longer operate live feed images of the Mare Island Dry Docks. From time to time we may post photos that we take with personal cameras, but no live feed will be available. We apologize for any inconvenience. -Max Hunter
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  2. USS Vancouver LPD-2 Arrives on Mare Island

    USS Vancouver LPD-2 Arrives on Mare Island
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  3. Mythbusters film on Mare Island

    Mythbusters film on Mare Island
    I always enjoy having the Mythbusters here on Mare Island. This time we got a front row seat to whatever myth needed busting today. Tory, Kari, Grant, and Buster were out to test something involving Buster, a crane, the drydock, and some sort of parachutes. We can't wait to see the episode and hope that the Mythbusters will choose Mare...
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  4. Former Coast Guard ship leaves Mare Island

    The USS Glacier leaves Mare Island this morning.
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  5. USS Mispillion Departs Mare Island for it's last voyage.

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  6. USS Mispillion departure from Mare Island

    10:50am USS Mispillion departure from Mare Island, CA For more information on the last voyage of the USS Mispillion Click Here
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  7. USS Mispillion Pulled out of the Drydock on Mare Island

    The SS Mispillion sits in the drydock as the water rushes in and it is prepared to disembark on it's last journey to Texas for recycling. The SS Mispillion is tugged out to the the Mare Island Straight, the waterway that connects the Napa River to the San Pablo Bay. The SS Mispillion.
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  8. For the crew of the USS Mispillion

    We recently got an email from a representative of veteran crew of the USS Mispillion, a Navy oiler that was in drydock in front of our building. This morning she was floated out into the Mare Island Straight and tied up waiting for her long journey to Brownsville, TX where she will be dismantled.
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  9. Mare Island Drydock Slideshow of SS President

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  10. Letters from the Mispillion Crew

    This whole thing has been amazing. I couldn't help but to share all of the amazing dialog and comments from all of the crewmembers who have responded to our webcam and photos of the Mispillion. This experience has inspired me to continue with my documentary project and has made me realize how important it is to capture the fleeting glimpses...
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