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  1. Mythbusters film on Mare Island

    Mythbusters film on Mare Island
    I always enjoy having the Mythbusters here on Mare Island. This time we got a front row seat to whatever myth needed busting today. Tory, Kari, Grant, and Buster were out to test something involving Buster, a crane, the drydock, and some sort of parachutes. We can't wait to see the episode and hope that the Mythbusters will choose Mare...
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  2. Former Coast Guard ship leaves Mare Island

    The USS Glacier leaves Mare Island this morning.
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  3. USS Mispillion departure from Mare Island

    10:50am USS Mispillion departure from Mare Island, CA For more information on the last voyage of the USS Mispillion Click Here
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  4. For the crew of the USS Mispillion

    We recently got an email from a representative of veteran crew of the USS Mispillion, a Navy oiler that was in drydock in front of our building. This morning she was floated out into the Mare Island Straight and tied up waiting for her long journey to Brownsville, TX where she will be dismantled.
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  5. Fulterer heavy duty drawer slides now available

    We now have Fulterer side mount heavy duty drawer slides online. Click here to view the selection of Fulterer products.
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  6. Ship arrives at Mare Island

    Today another ship arrived in drydock #3. At this point we believe this to be the USS Thomaston. Our sources tell us this ship will only be in drydock for a week or so for cleaning before leaving for Texas for final disposal.
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  7. KV MuV at the marketplace

    "It's Time To MuV Up" That is what Knape and Vogt would say. Western Dovetail brings you the KV MuV soft close undermount slide. This slide has a feature that many of it's competitors don't have, Length. It's not that it's longer than the competitors, it's that is has more choices than Blum or Grass. If you need an...
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  8. Hettich QUADRO slides have arrived for online ordering!

    Though we have sold Hettich QUADRO slides for years, we have finally brought them to our online store. Check out our selection and pricing on the IW20 and IW21.
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  9. New items of the day

    Plywood recycle drawers with bins and Blum Tandem plus Blumotion slide included. 1/2" Soft Maple, Western Maple and Maple 9-Ply added.
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  10. New Grass Dynapro slides added, prices updated

    New lower prices on Grass Dynapro and Dynapro for 3/4" thick drawers added today!!! Also newly released 24", 27", and 30" lengths in heavy duty. Check it out here:
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